About Us

“Basic obedience is the foundation on which every aspect of a happy dog relationship is built. The performance in any dog-related activity can be directly attributed to the quality of the basic dog training to which your canine has been exposed.”

~ Ron McGrady, Cedarwoods Canine School Founder


 Cedarwoods Canine School has proudly been a family owned and operated business for 28 years. Our mission is to foster a sense of goodwill between pet owners and the local community in Western Washington. Our highly qualified trainers assist in creating excellent K-9 companions.

Founders Ron and Carol McGrady set a strong foundation when they first established the obedience school by offering a unique type of basic obedience training. The courses have been proven to create well trained dogs by utilizing the dog’s natural desire to please their owner. Their methodology creates cherished pets, as well as strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

Dog training is still a family affair today with son Sam McGrady as owner and lead trainer.

Ron McGrady with dog

Our Trainers

Sam McGrady

Sam McGrady

Lead Trainer

Sam began his career working with dogs in 1988 by assisting a canine trainer in Skagit and Island Counties.

After completing a 1.5 year mentorship, Sam and his father, Ron, began to help train people and their dogs in Whatcom County using parks and various other facilities. In 1993, Cedarwoods Canine School was formed where, together, Sam and Ron have trained thousands of dogs over the years.

Sam became Lead Trainer in 2013 when Ron passed away and he has continued to train dogs and their owners for over 30 years.

Ariel Watkins

Ariel Watkins


 Ariel started training service dogs in 1998 at The Canine Association Partners located in Eugene, Oregon. She joined the Cedarwoods team about 3 years ago. Ariel believes that all dogs are amazing and she loves each one of them and all of their unique challenges.

Our 200 Club

Making it into our 200 club requires a perfect score following one of our obedience classes. Achieving a 200 is a huge achievement for all of our students both dogs and people alike, and so we want to commemorate them.