8 Week Basic Obedience Class Private Lessons In Home


Achieve remarkable results with personalized one-on-one dog training at Cedarwoods. Our 8-week Basic Obedience Course is taught in a private setting, either at our school or in the comfort of your own home. Our experienced trainers provide comprehensive instruction, addressing behavior issues while building essential skills. With additional options like Tune Up classes and Boot Camp, we offer continued support for your dog’s training journey. Unleash your dog’s potential today!

In our Private Basic Obedience Course, we prioritize individualized attention to maximize your dog's learning potential. Choose between our convenient school location or the comfort of your own home, and our trainers will work closely with you and your dog for up to an hour per session. We begin each lesson by thoroughly explaining the techniques, followed by a demonstration with one of our well-trained dogs. From there, we focus on applying the skills directly to your dog's training journey.

Our course is designed to cover both basic obedience skills and specific behavior issues that may be hindering your dog's progress. Whether your dog needs help with attentiveness, walking politely on a leash without pulling or responding reliably to essential commands such as sit, stay, and recall, our comprehensive curriculum has got you covered. With our expert guidance, you'll witness remarkable improvements in your dog's behavior and overall obedience.

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