Advanced Obedience 12-Week Class – Two Dogs


Unleash your dog’s full potential with our 12-Week Off-Lead Course! Designed to take your furry companion’s obedience skills to new heights, this accelerated learning experience is held in a distraction-filled indoor environment. Advance rapidly as you work with various distractions, building on the solid foundations established in our Basic Obedience Class. Our fun and engaging classes create a higher skill level, making learning a truly enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. Completion of Cedarwoods Basic Obedience Class or trainer approval is required. Enroll now for $285.00 and unlock a world of off-leash freedom and enhanced focus for your canine companion. For those of you that have two dogs in need of training, enjoy $20 off of your second dog course fee.

Accelerated Learning in a Distraction-Filled Environment

Experience Unparalleled Progress in Your Dog's Training Journey

Are you ready to take your dog's obedience skills to the next level? Our 12-week Off-Lead Course is designed to pick up right where our Basic Obedience Class leaves off, providing an accelerated learning experience in a distraction-filled environment. In this section, we will explore the unique features of our course that guarantee rapid progress and an enjoyable training experience for both you and your furry friend.

  • Engaging and Challenging: Our indoor classes offer a dynamic training atmosphere where dogs are exposed to various distractions. From enticing scents to other dogs and noises, your canine companion will learn to focus and respond to your commands even amidst real-life distractions. This hands-on approach ensures that your dog's obedience skills are truly put to the test, helping them advance at a much faster pace than in our Basic Obedience Class.
  • Building on Solid Foundations: Dogs who have successfully completed Cedarwoods Basic Obedience Class possess a solid understanding of essential commands. Our Off-Lead Course takes that foundation and elevates it to new heights. We'll reinforce the fundamentals while introducing advanced techniques, giving your dog the tools they need to excel in complex scenarios. Not enrolled in Basic Obedience? No worries! If you have the trainer's approval, you can join this exciting class and witness the impressive progress your dog can achieve.
  • Fun and Rewarding: Training should never be a chore, but an enjoyable experience for both you and your four-legged companion. Our Off-Lead Course brings a higher level of excitement and entertainment into the training process. The interactive nature of the class, combined with the challenging exercises, fosters a deep bond between you and your dog, making every session an adventure filled with joy and achievement.

Unleash Your Dog's Potential

Watch Your Canine Companion Flourish with Advanced Training Techniques

Imagine the pride and satisfaction you'll feel when your dog performs complex commands flawlessly, even in the face of distractions. Our 12-week Off-Lead Course equips your furry friend with the skills necessary to reach new heights in their obedience journey. In this section, we will delve into the specific benefits and features of our course, highlighting the transformative impact it can have on your dog's behavior and overall development.

  • Enhanced Focus and Impulse Control: Through carefully crafted exercises and progressively challenging tasks, our Off-Lead Course nurtures a heightened level of focus and impulse control in your dog. They will learn to resist temptation, ignore distractions, and respond promptly to your commands, even when off-leash. These invaluable skills will have a positive ripple effect in various aspects of your dog's life, leading to better behavior, improved manners, and increased safety.
  • Off-Lead Freedom: Nothing compares to the freedom and trust that comes with having your dog off-leash. Our course gradually introduces off-leash training in a controlled environment, ensuring your dog is reliable and responsive even without physical restraint. By learning to listen to your commands without the need for a leash, your canine companion can enjoy more freedom during outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, or playing fetch.
  • Strengthened Bond: Training sessions are not only an opportunity for your dog to learn and grow; they also foster a deeper connection between you and your pet. Our Off-Lead Course promotes teamwork, communication, and mutual understanding. As you guide your dog through challenging exercises, you'll witness the trust and reliance they place in you, strengthening the bond that forms the foundation of a lifelong friendship.

Invest in Your Dog Today

Enroll in our 12-Week Off-Lead Course Today!

When it comes to your dog's training and well-being, investing in their future is a decision you won't regret. Our 12-Week Off-Lead Course offers a transformative experience that goes beyond obedience training. In this section, we will outline the reasons why enrolling in our course is a wise investment for both you and your beloved canine companion.

  • Long-Term Benefits: By participating in our Off-Lead Course, you are equipping your dog with lifelong skills and behaviors that will enrich their life and ensure their safety. The advanced training techniques and focused curriculum pave the way for a well-mannered, obedient, and well-adjusted dog. From improved recall and off-leash control to enhanced socialization and impulse management, the benefits of our course extend far beyond the training sessions themselves.
  • Professional Guidance: Our experienced and certified trainers are dedicated to helping you and your dog succeed. With their expertise, they can identify and address specific challenges and tailor the training approach to meet the needs of each dog. Their guidance and support throughout the 12-week journey ensure that you receive the highest level of instruction and achieve the desired results.
  • Confidence and Peace of Mind: As a dog owner, having confidence in your dog's abilities and behavior is invaluable. Our Off-Lead Course instills a sense of confidence in both you and your dog. You'll feel reassured knowing that your furry companion can navigate various environments, respond reliably to commands, and remain focused, regardless of the distractions. This newfound confidence will strengthen your bond and allow you to enjoy more adventures together, knowing that your dog is well-prepared for any situation.


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