Large Martingale Collar


Introducing our stylish and safe Martingale Dog Collar. An adjustable fit and enhanced control make it perfect for training and preventing escapes. Made with durable materials, it ensures comfort and longevity. Ideal for leash manners and is recommended by professionals. Choose our Martingale Dog Collar for safety and style.

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Color and Size

Black 10in-12in, Black 13in-15in, Black 16in-18in, Black 19in-22in, Red 10in-12in, Red 13in-15in, Red 16in-18in, Red 19in-22in, Royal Blue 10in-12in, Royal Blue 13in-15in, Royal Blue 16in-18in, Royal Blue 19in-22in, Orange 10in-12in, Orange 13in-15in, Orange 16in-18in, Orange 19in-22in, Green 10in-12in, Green 13in-15in, Green 16in-18in, Green 19in-22in, Hot Pink 10in-12in, Hot Pink 13in-15in, Hot Pink 16in-18in, Hot Pink 19in-22in, Purple 10in-12in, Purple 13in-15in, Purple 16in-18in, Purple 19in-22in, Navy Blue 10in-12in, Navy Blue 13in-15in, Navy Blue 16in-18in, Navy Blue 19in-22in, Light Pink 10in-12in, Light Pink 13in-15in, Light Pink 16in-18in, Light Pink 19in-22in, Hunter Green 10in-12in, Hunter Green 13in-15in, Hunter Green 16in-18in, Hunter Green 19in-22in, Yellow 10in-12in, Yellow 13in-15in, Yellow 16in-18in, Yellow 19in-22in


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