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About us

Located in Bellingham Washington, Located on the Guide Meridian between Bellingham and Lynden, just minutes from Ferndale. Cedarwoods Canine School has proudly been a family owned and operated business for 28 years. The Cedarwoods Canine School mission is to foster a sense of goodwill between pet owners and the local community in Western Washington. At Cedarwoods Canine School our highly qualified trainers assist in creating excellent k-9 companions!


Founders Ron and Carol McGrady set a strong foundation when they first established the obedience school by offering a unique type of Basic Obedience and Off-Lead Training. The courses have been proven to create well trained dogs by utilizing the dog’s natural desire to please their owner. Their methodology creates cherished pets, as well as strengthens the bond between you and your dog.


Today dog training is still a family affair, Sam Mcgrady, along with his children Chris and Susan continue the family business, offering classes 6 days a week in our 8000 sq. ft. indoor training facility. Additionally Cedarwoods Canine School offers tune-up classes, Handlers classes and private lessons where Dogs and owners can focus on Problem areas. 

"Basic obedience is the foundation on which every aspect of a happy dog relationship is built.
The performance in any dog-related activity can be directly
attributed to the quality of the basic dog training to which your canine has been exposed."

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