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Dog Obedience and Owner Education

"Basic obedience is the foundation on which every aspect of a happy dog relationship is built. The performance in any dog-related activity can be directly attributed to the quality of the basic dog training to which your canine has been exposed." ~ Ron McGrady

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Private Lessons

Are you looking for one on one instruction?

Is your dog very reactive around other dogs and or people?

Are you looking for a more personalized training course?

Looking for in home training?


We offer our 8 Week Basic Obedience Course in a private one on one setting at our school or in your home.

The dog trainer first explains the lesson, including reasons behind the training, and then demonstrates it using one of the Cedarwoods dogs.

You, along with the Cedarwoods instructor, work on the lesson at hand spending up to one full hour. Time will be spent working on the obedience lesson as well as working on any specific behavior issues.

Our Tune Up class is strongly recommended after week 4 of Basic Obedience Class.  Tune Up is a drop in class where we work on applying the lessons learned in the Basic Obedience Class under distracting situations. After week 4, students are provided with a Tune-up Pass good for 4 sessions for free!  There is also a Handlers class available for extra instruction on handling the lead.  Please scroll down for dates, times, and registration.
This course will teach your dog the following skills:
They will be attentive to you regardless of distraction.
Walk beside you without pulling.
Sit automatically when you stop.
Down on command, maintain a Sit-Stay and a Down-Stay.
They will understand the command for Recall, Stand and Finish.

Tuition is $800.00 for 8 sessions at our training School.

Tuition is $1080.0 for 8 sessions in your home.

You can also book an individual Private lesson at our school for $100.00

For a individual Private lesson in your home is $135.00

Click on button below to schedule your private lesson.

Special offer for students enrolled in our group classes we have a special rate for private lessons.

$60 per hour

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