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Frequently Asked Questions About Basic Obedience

Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers.

Why should I train my dog?

In today’s climate of cities and counties trying to legislate pet owners out of existence, it is imperative that you make your dog a ‘Canine Good Citizen’. 

Is Basic Obedience enough to make my dog a responsible part of my family?

By itself, Basic Obedience is usually enough to insure your dog will be a Canine Good Citizen.  But the more you train your dog, the more responsible he will become.

Do I attend classes with my dog, or do I leave him there?

We firmly believe that superior training requires that both the handler and his dog attend classes together, and that the handler/dog team work from their home at least twice every day.  Under exceptional circumstances, we do consider boarding and training on an individual basis.

Who in my family should attend classes?

Everyone who has reached an age where they can be attentive for the length of the classes.

Should everyone in my family be involved in the training?

Anyone who will be involved in the everyday handling of your dog should participate in the training.  This insures that the dog is not confused by differing styles and methods of training.

How young can my children start training a dog?

We’ve had children as young as 3 years old who were able to walk and give the proper commands to the family dog.  Generally though, for a child to train a dog by him/herself they should be at least 10 years old.

Why is this training so quick and effective?

The methods have evolved over a period of nearly forty years and are continually being revised as newer and more innovative methods are developed.


What is after Basic Obedience?

First and foremost, a happier life with your pet.  Beyond that, there are numerous levels of obedience and many other activities that you might enjoy, ie: Tracking; Agility; Frisbee; Flyball; Herding; Search & Rescue; Carting; Sledding; Weight-Pull; and Hunting.


If I want to compete in Obedience Trials, will we be ready after the Basic Obedience Class?

Basic Obedience is your first step toward working for an ‘Obedience Title’.  Before a dog is ready to begin competing, he must be able to perform all of his commands, both on and off lead.  Off lead does require additional training.


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