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Dog Obedience and Owner Education

"Basic obedience is the foundation on which every aspect of a happy dog relationship is built. The performance in any dog-related activity can be directly attributed to the quality of the basic dog training to which your canine has been exposed." ~ Ron McGrady

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Basic Obedience Training Course

Basic Obedience is run in a group setting with a portion of the class being dedicated to each student and their dog as they work their canine on that particular exercise. Class meets once a week for 8 weeks. 

The dog trainer first explains the lesson, including reasons behind the training, and then demonstrates it using one of the Cedarwoods dogs.  Students then bring in their dogs one at a time, allowing them to focus on the task at hand without distractions.
Tune Up class is strongly recommended after week 4 of Basic Obedience Class.  Tune Up is a drop in class where we work on applying the lessons learned in the Basic Obedience Class under distracting situations. After week 4, students are provided with a Tune-up Pass good for 4 sessions for free!  There is also a Handlers class available for extra instruction on handling the lead.  Please scroll down for dates, times, and registration.
This course will teach your dog the following skills:
They will be attentive to you regardless of distraction.
Walk beside you without pulling.
Sit automatically when you stop.
Down on command, maintain a Sit-Stay and a Down-Stay.
They will understand the command for Recall, Stand and Finish.

Tuition is $255.00
If you are enrolling two or more Dogs from the same household in the same class the cost is $235 per additional dog. Discount is automatically applied when form is filled out.

Click on Button below to Register for a class
Class meets weekly for 8 weeks beginning on class start date*.
In person classes happening now!!
Space is Limited! Register now!
*Dates listed below are the start date of each 8 week session.
Tuition is $255.00
*Select class start date on registration form after clicking on Register Now button below*
*Class date is full is date is lined out*

Friday February 24th 10:00 AM

Thursday March 2nd 7:00 PM

Wednesday March 22nd 10:00 AM

Saturday April 8th 2:00 PM

Thursday April 27th 10:00 AM

Saturday May 6th 10:30 AM

Thursday March 2nd 10:00 AM

Saturday March 11th 10:30 AM

Wednesday March 22nd 6:30 PM

Thursday April 13th 5:00 PM

Thursday April 27th 7:00 PM

To Schedule a Free Evaluation with a Professional Trainer please click on the link below to schedule now.

Advanced Offlead Training

We offer a 12-week Offlead Course that picks up right where we leave off in our Basic Obedience Class.

The classes are held indoors and the dogs advance much more rapidly than in Basic. They work with many distractions; thus, along with having been taught how to learn, they really move ahead. You two are working at a higher skill level which all add up to this being a very fun class. Check out the schedule below for the date of the next start up class.

Completion of Cedarwoods Basic Obedience Class is required or approval from The Trainer to attend this Advanced course

Class Tuition: $285.00
If you are enrolling two or more Dogs from the same household, enter Coupon Code (Multidog) at check out to receive special pricing.



Click on Button below to Register for a class
Class meets weekly for 12 weeks beginning on class start date.
In person classes happening now!!

Tune Up Class

Tune Up Class meets every Tuesday at 6:00pm,

Wednesday at 1:00 PM and Saturday at 12:30 PM..

This is a great opportunity to work on distractions..

This a drop in class for current and previous students.

No pre-registration needed


Cost: $5.00

Contact Sam for further information


Private Lessons

Over the years our focus has been on classroom instruction for Basic Obedience, however we realize that special circumstances may require a more individual style of training.

For those students who are currently enrolled in class or who have graduated , we also have private lessons for special problems.eas.


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