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A sincere thank you to Sam and the folks at Cedarwoods for helping us with our out of control English mastiff. He was pulling us everywhere and lunging at people, other dogs and even moving vehicles. Now he is happier and more confident, has near perfect manners and is welcome everywhere we go. Cedarwoods is a special place providing highly skilled training for dogs and their people. The classes are challenging and fun and the whole experience immensely enjoyable. We are deeply grateful to them and recommend that you take your dog there. They are truly amazing!


Lorrie Trevitt, Gord Dycke, and Bower


I brought my first dog through Cedarwoods 13 years ago and I've been an avid fan ever since. My second dog came through 7 years ago and now I have a 6 month puppy enrolled. While I still remember all of the lessons, each dog is different, and each of them have benefited by being a part of the classes. I am looking forward to graduation day and moving Murphy on to offlead classes just like her roommates, Mocha and Mambo did. And the tune up classes they offer are fantastic. Mambo hadn't been in a training setting in 6 years, and he responded as if he had just graduated last week. The time and training you put into your dog is so important... and it stays with them their whole life. My dogs have become wonderful examples of Good Canine Citizens. Thank you Cedarwoods!


Michele Bennett




Tippy and I went through basic obedience and about half of off-lead class, but had to quit due to scheduling conflicts. Cedarwoods is proof that a beagle can be trained! He is a very well behaved dog at 10 months old with solid skills that allow me to bring our family's best friend with us everywhere. We always get compliments at what a good dog he is while camping because he listens to my commands and is under control. The training has strengthened our bond and I am looking forward to many years with my sweet beagle.


Becky C.




Around 3 years ago I brought my first dog through at Cedarwoods. He was a Rottweiler mix and had extreme aggression issues. I had taken him to several other "Positive" trainers, and every one told me to put him to sleep. I told Ron all of this over the phone, but he told me to bring him in anyways.

At the initial evaluation he couldn't get closer than 50 ft to another dog without freaking out. He also had severe issues with men and various other people he decided he didn't like. Ron watched him, took this all in, and told me that he would be fine. I was shocked, but was willing to do whatever I could to help my dog.

By the end of the Basic Obedience Class he was able to come closer to other dogs. Instead of being 50 ft away, we could be 20 ft. By the end of Off-Lead training he could be 2 feet away from another dog without having problems. In a few short months my dog went from starting fights with every dog he came across, and trying to bite humans, to being able to hold a sit or down stay with me in another room next to other dogs and humans. It took a lot of hard work, but was worth it.

My second dog that I took through has been much easier to train. He is a very bright dog and loves his training. He is a model student, even earning a perfect score in his basic obedience class at 6 months old, and a score of 199 in his off-lead course.

With Cedarwood's training method I have peace of mind knowing I have a dog I can take everywhere and will be safe, as well as well behaved.

I readily recommend this training method to anybody that is wanting a well trained dog.



Melinda T.

"I love that this is a long-standing family business. Our puppy has made leaps of progress and it is exciting to experience how to properly control our dog. The training as a handler has been invaluable. We will be back for off leash class."

Krista C.

My dog Buster is 5 years old and very energetic. He would pull on the lead and not listen to commands. After bringing him to Cedarwoods he no longer pulls on the lead, He can sit, lay down and stays on command. He handles being around other dogs much better than before. Thank you Cedarwoods!


Callie H.

Bentley & I made more progress in the first two weeks at Cedarwoods than in the past two years.


Nick B.

Cedarwoods is run by excellent people who make it easy to understand and apply the methods.

Kelly A.

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